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DIY Dizzy Bowl – Lessons Learned

February 2, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr 0

To see more turning on in the Turning on the Cheap series click here:…. I decided to try my hand at a dizzy bowl. I glued up a number of scraps and thin pieces until I had a blank large enough for my liking.…

Six Sided Box – Multi-axis Turning

January 23, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr 0

After my last multi-axis box if it was possible to do a 6 sided turning. This video shows that you can. I used Ashe Juniper again and this was not without its issues. But I got it done. Lid and finial are all one piece.…

French Style Rolling Pin – Elm

January 17, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr 0

My wife’s best friend asked for a French style rolling pin. I turned this one for her from a small Elm tree. It is 20 inches long and 1 3/4 inches in diameter. I finished it with Ack’s Polish/Restoring Paste because it is food safe.…

Multiaxis Vase/Twig Pot

December 26, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

I had an Alder glued up cutoff about 2″ square. Since is was in essence a spindle blank I decided to do another multiaxis turning. You can view how I turned a multiaxis box here:…. This time making a twig pot instead of a…

Live Turning – Wonky Goblet

December 20, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

My editing computer is down so I thought I’d do one last turning for the year. This will be (if it works out) a multiaxis Goblet. I’m not known for my traditional style so we’ll see what happens.

Emerging Bowl – Liveoak Crotch

December 18, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off had another challenge. This time for a piece turned from a crotch. You can view more of my turning series here:…. I had this piece of Liveoak laying around and it looked to be a good fit for something I wanted to try.…

How to Turn a Modified Slimline Pen

December 12, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

You can view more of my penturning series here:…. My niece called and asked me to make her a replacement pen. Her favorite color is orange so I grabbed the first orange blank I could find. Turned out to be Inlace Acrylester… I HATE…

Awesome Gnarly Mesquite Box

December 3, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

You can view more of my turnings here:…. I saw this gnarly, twisted piece of mesquite in my wood pile and thought I’d see what it wanted to be. I had a shape in mind, but didn’t know if I could successfully make it…

Liveoak Birdhouse Ornament

November 22, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

ou can view more of my turnings here:…. The members of ( were challenged last week to turn a birdhouse ornament. This is my answer to that challenge. The body is made from Liveoak, the finial was turned from a mesquite pen blank…

Awesome Turned 3D Sculpture – Osage Orange

November 7, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

I’ve had this oddly shaped Osage Orange cookie laying around for some time. It wasn’t really usable for a conventional turning because of the holes and bark inclusions. So I decided to cut it into pieces on the bandsaw and see what I could do…