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Covid19 Invades The Messy Studio

January 11, 2021 By Billy Burt Sr Off

Just a quick vlog letting you all know where I’ve been and the current circumstances of The Messy Studio. We both truly appreciate all the prayers and well wishes! She is getting stronger every day and I continue to battle.

Dead Lathe… More tool wall

September 2, 2020 By Billy Burt Sr Off

I started to turn a pumpkin box, but my big lathe was dead. So I had to chase down a new part and added some things to my tool wall. I used only scraps and material I already had lying around. If you have questions…

Where Have I Been?… Still not healed and TCB

August 29, 2020 By Billy Burt Sr Off

My left wrist is finally okay, but the right is not quite. It’s just as well though because I’ve had to drive mom around after her knee replacement surgery until she was released to drive herself. I appreciate you all staying with me and the…