About Us

I fell in love with woodworking when I took wood shop in high school. And I’ve done it every chance I got since getting married. I’ve built a number of pieces for our use throughout the years and they are all still in use… some by our kids. All of these first pieces were built using nothing more than a circular saw, electric drill and electric sander (the large rectangular one that used a half sheet of sandpaper). I finally got my first table saw in the early 2000’s and made a set of night stands using reclaimed doors and jambs from the 1960’s. I acquired a small used lathe a year or so later and started making twist and fountain pens. Thus began my journey into turning.

Fast forward about 10 years and 4 lathes later (2 of which I still have and even another one) I began to prepare for retirement. My shop time has always been good therapy and I knew I wanted to continue that. But what to do? I’d been following a number of YouTube woodworkers and woodturners for several years and decided being an educator I’d give it a shot. It just seemed logical.

My love of woodworking has gone from garage made items to a stand alone woodshop and I couldn’t be happier! So what you will see here and on my YouTube channels is that progression. You will get a chance to see both my successes and my failures. And even some salvages of said failures. So feel free to tag along with me on this journey. And I hope you enjoy the ride!