DIY Pantry Shelf to Maximize Storage Space

September 11, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr 0

We understand the importance of having an organized and functional pantry, especially during these times when we all spend more time at home. You can see more of my videos here:…. And my wife has been after me to make one for our pantry to give her more storage space for canned goods. Let’s start with the design of the shelf. It is made of sturdy materials. One hundred year old oak, in fact. It can hold almost anything needed in our pantry. She wanted to be able to double stack canned goods on the original shelf, allowing for other goods on the new shelf. Our new pantry shelf is not only functional but also matches the existing shelves. My wife will no longer need to rummage through disorganized shelves to find what she needs. Instead, everything will be in its proper place, easily accessible, and ready for use. Thank you for watching, and I hope you enjoyed this video.