SWAT 2023 Highlights: The Artistry of Woodturning

August 29, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr Off

This past weekend was one of the significant events in the world of woodworking, namely the Southwest Association of Turners Symposium. You can see more of my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk6Y…. The Southwest Association of Turners, also known as SWAT, is an organization that focuses on woodturning techniques and skills. They hold various events and conferences throughout the year to bring together woodturning enthusiasts and professionals from different parts of the world. The SWAT Symposium is one of the most awaited annual events that the organization hosts. The event lasts for three days, and it was held at the Waco Convention Center in Waco, Texas. The SWAT Symposium is attended by over over 1000 woodturning enthusiasts annually. They come to learn and share their knowledge and experiences. The SWAT Symposium features a range of activities that attendees can participate in, such as live woodturning demonstrations, exhibits, and workshops. The workshops and demonstrations range from beginner to expert levels, allowing anyone to participate regardless of skill level. This Symposium is a great opportunity to learn new woodturning techniques, see new tools and equipment, and connect with other woodturners. One of the highlights of the SWAT Symposium is the instant gallery, where attendees can display their woodturning works and get feedback from professional woodturners. The instant gallery provides an opportunity for attendees to showcase their skills to others in the woodworking community. This video contains the highlights of my experience this year, and it is always a big hit with my viewing audience… especially my tour of the instant gallery. The Southwest Association of Turners Symposium is an excellent event for anyone interested in woodturning. The event provides an opportunity to learn new skills, see new tools, and connect with other woodturners from around the world. Thank you for watching to this brief synopsis of the SWAT Symposium.