Stunning Beauty: Turned Natural Edge Elm Bowl

August 11, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr Off

Welcome, today we are going to take a look at this stunning dyed natural edge elm bowl. You can view more of my turning videos here:…. If you are someone who loves woodwork, handmade crafts, or just admires beautiful art, then you are going to love this video. This vibrant bowl is made leaving the natural edge of the elm tree, which makes it a unique and one-of-a-kind piece. You can see the curves and movement of the tree’s growth, which gives it a natural and rustic feel. The natural edge of the bowl mimics the natural bark on the tree, giving it a raw and organic look. I used several colors of dye to enhance the wood grain’s beauty, bringing out the rich and deep color of the elm. This process isn’t just about adding color, it’s about bringing out the wood’s natural beauty and character. By carefully applying the dye and staining it, we’re able to bring out the different tones and patterns of the elm. Once the staining is complete, we take extra care to sand every inch of the bowl to make sure it’s smooth and polished. This enhances its beautiful and unique look, which is perfect for any home decor. With its stunning natural edge and vibrant colors, this dyed natural edge elm bowl is an absolute jewel. Whether you’re using it as a centerpiece, or as a decorative piece in your home, it will surely be a showstopper. Thank you for tuning in to this video on our dyed natural edge elm bowl. We hope you enjoyed learning about the process and admiring this stunning one-of-a-kind piece.