DIY Dizzy Bowl – Lessons Learned

February 2, 2023 By Billy Burt Sr Off

To see more turning on in the Turning on the Cheap series click here:…. I decided to try my hand at a dizzy bowl. I glued up a number of scraps and thin pieces until I had a blank large enough for my liking. I made it larger than really necessary, but my lathe can handle it so no problem. I then cut rings like I’ve done in other videos in the playlist linked above. I glued those rings together to form a bowl blank and finish turned the bowl. I finished it with gloss lacquer and buffed with Ack’s Abrasive and Polish/Restoring Pastes. The bowl measures 14 3/8′ wide by 4 ” tall. Enjoy. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching.