How to Refurbish Lamps – Turned Wood Lamps

October 18, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

Check out my turning videos here:…. If you’ve been following some of my shorts you’ll know that my wife is remodeling one of our guest rooms. These lamps came from that room and she asked me to refinish them. One of the lamps was about 3″ taller than the other. And she wanted me to make them both the same height because she didn’t want so much of the aluminum tube to show under here new white lamp shades. So I did what she asked and shortened the tubes. But I also polished them up. I also put a each wooden piece on the lathe and sanded the old finish off. Once that was done I refinished them with semi-gloss lacquer and reassembled the lamps. I’m pleased with the result, but more importantly, she is! Enjoy. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching.