The Missions at San Antonio – A Brief Tour

March 19, 2022 By Billy Burt Sr Off

During spring break the family decided to tour the Missions at San Antonio. We first moved here in 1994 and knew of the Missions, but never took the time to tour them. There is a bike trail connecting all five missions to include the Alamo. The bike path is a 13.9 mile loop in total. We all drove to Mission ConcepciĆ³n and about half of our group rode bicycles from there to Mission San Jose. After touring this mission it was lunch time and the riders needed sustenance. After lunch we drove down to Mission San Juan and the riders rode to Mission Espada (the last mission on the trail). It was a good day and we all had a good time. I hope you enjoy! I hope you find this entertaining and/or informative. If have questions that I didn’t answer, feel free to contact me. Thanks for watching.