Month: April 2020

Egg Stand – For the acorn cap egg

April 23, 2020 By Billy Burt Sr Off

My wife said she wanted a stand for the acorn cap egg and we all know, what momma wants, momma gets. So I grabbed a chunk of Ash that seemed just right for the task at hand. It wasn’t real pretty and had several checks,…

Turn Talk #10 – Answering Viewer Questions

April 14, 2020 By Billy Burt Sr Off

I decided to call this particular series Turn Talk. In this episode I answer a number of questions I’ve received from viewers. If you have questions about anything you’ve seen me do, ask away. I have pretty thick skin and am not easily offended. I…

Turning Resin Eggs – Easter eggs that is

April 10, 2020 By Billy Burt Sr Off

I’ve been trying decide what to turn from some leftover resin I had cast in small plastic cups. I decided to turn a few Easter eggs to put on the dining room table since my wife won’t be able to enjoy the grandkids’ egg hunt…