Corncob and Resin Bowl – Stabilized and cast

January 17, 2020 By Billy Burt Sr Off

For my first project of 2020 I thought I’d do something a bit different. Back when I was turning a lot of pens, I turned quite a few corncob pens. They sold fairly well… probably because of the novelty. I’ve been reorganizing the shop and noticed my large burlap bag full of corncobs and thought, “Why not try a corncob and resin bowl?” So that is the subject of this video. Corncobs need to be stabilized so I used Cactus Juice. To date I’ve only cast polyester resin (dozens of gallons) and Liquid Diamonds. But I’ve been wanting to try Alumilite because of its durability so I paid my buddy Curtis Seebeck at TurnTex a visit and picked some up (I also got my Cactus Juice from him last August at SWAT). Stay tuned and see how the project goes. Thanks for watching.