Very Special Wooden Coin Bank – Made using PO Box door from 1958

November 9, 2019 By Billy Burt Sr Off

I said I was going to stick to mostly turning videos and I pretty much have. This one is not a turning video, but something I needed to do for a very special person. My wife’s sister retired from the US Postal Service the end of October after 35 years. I made this for her to commemorate her hard work as a letter carrier. Yes, she didn’t work the desk, she carried mail for 35 years! She’s a special lady whom I’ve known since she was a teenager. So congratulations, Trish, you deserve it. The PO Box door is dated 1958. I made it in the shape of an old USPS drop box… complete with opening slide door for the coin/bill drop. Made from oak flooring and dyed blue. Then sprayed with semi-gloss lacquer. Thanks for watching.