Here at Alamo City Diverse Creations (aka The Messy Studio) I make a wide variety of items, mostly using wood.

Primarily I turn wood, resin or a wood/resin combination on a wood lathe. I create one off items such as bowls, vases, lidded boxes, and even the occasional ink pen. Many of my turnings are segmented pieces.

I also make freehand router carved wooden signs. I create wooden sculptures and I do basic woodworking such as building simple furniture (but most of those are for personal use). I do scroll saw projects so you will see those kinds of items.  I recently added a laser engraver and those items will be coming to my sales page soon.

I’ve been known to tool leather pieces such as holsters and wallets. Many of the things I make are documented in video and you will find links to these on this website. If you wish to have something made, contact me through this site (using the “Contact Us” tab above) and I will get back to you with a quote and whether or not I can do it.

Along with this site and YouTube I post much of my content on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.